This year's collection was not only designed and knitted using digital technology, but inspired by digital design concepts. Every single piece has a digital look and feel. Pixelized artworks are overlaid onto techy silhouettes. Natural fibres cross over with manmade fibres. Finishing methodes like felting emphasize the craftmanship behind the creation process.


STOLL-Knit and Wear®

Seamless oversized swaeterdress with Fair Isle shape design. Rendering artwork in reversed 2-colour-float jacquard is designed directly on the shape using the new STOLL-artwork┬« extension. Multifilament yarns and wool blends make for a very lightweight garment.

Sockstyle performance shoe

Sockstyle shoe with heating integration around the toes. Upper is made in Fully Fashion. The fabric properties come from felting and invisibly-plated thermoplastic material in selective areas. Bidirectional digital interface from Myant Inc.'s textile computing platform.