STOLL Financial Services

STOLL Financial Services is a sought after provider for financing STOLL customers worldwide. Beyond that, it is the principal customer of H. Stoll AG & Co. KG. Selected companies enjoy an exclusive cooperation partnership by providing cross border financing. STOLL Financial Services is striving to become a major financing platform for upper medium-sized export-oriented businesses.

STOLL Financial Services GmbH
Stollweg 1
72760 Reutlingen

Mr. Jochen Franke
Managing Director
Phone: +49-7121-51481-0

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Leasing Benefits

Your leasing benefits:

  • Leasing is easy on your credit line and reduces dependence on the customary sources of financing.
  • Leasing enhances entrepreneurial flexibility.
  • Leasing helps cash flow, leaving valuable funds available to boost liquid assets.
  • Leasing instalments form a firm basis for calculation over the entire contractual term, guaranteeing you a clear cost and planning basis.
  • Leasing exerts a neutral influence on the balance sheet. Instalments are entered directly in the income statement as a depreciable operating expense.
  • Leasing means: "pay as you earn" – no need to finance investment up front.