2310018 - The Shirt as classic single layer made of 100% cotton - 170 g/m²

Traditionally a T-Shirt is made of 100% cotton in cut & sew technique:  producing lots of spare material.

We significantly reduce fabric waste with our flat-bed knitted high-end T-Shirt in NM 100/1 undyed cotton yarn MAKO from Gebrüder Otto.

The T-Shirt with its 170 g/m² grammage has a similar touch and weight as common heavy cotton T-Shirt fabrics from the mass market made on circular knitting machines.

However by knitting every piece in Fully Fashion the waste material can be decreased to less than 5% for one T-Shirt.

To fit it into common T-Shirt production, we opted for the classic makeup with overlock and flatlock seams.

Linking in very fine gauges can be time consuming and even difficult to include into production since linking facilities for such gauges are not available everywhere. Instead of favoring this high-cost production method we want to showcase the classic jersey makeup as cost and material saving alternative.

Just as in linking also in sewing with overlock and flatlock the sewing yarns used can be from sustainable sources or include the same material that has also been knitted to create a mono- material product for eco-friendly recycling.

This concious use of precious material saves resources and therefore reduces our environmental footprint.

Furthermore we simplify and fasten colour and material changes on our STOLL machines.

With a total capacity of 32 yarn feeders - minus  a few for comb yarn, draw thread and intarsia to build the neckline -  several shirt colour variations  could theoretically be threaded simultaneous making it feasible for customized production.

The material can also be changed easily with only two to three yarn cones compared to time-consuming yarn changing on circular knitting machines. With the prepared knitting programs loaded for the different materials fast switches for specific and even small amounts can be realized.

The setup of several materials at the same time on our ADF 530-32 ki BcW even offers the possibility of indivualized T-Shirt production while taking sustainable material use into account:

A simple way for a concious high-quality T-Shirt on demand, precious for you and our nature.

This project was kindly supported by Gebrüder Otto.