WWK sample style

Sample which shows the patterning and creation options of the future WWK technology. The machine allows to have special yarn feeders with swivel function, which will insert 1 to 14 warp yarn ends per feeder. The laying directions move across 180° per yarn feeder group and the resulting yarn movements/stitch formations are similar to warp knit structures.

  • Patterning unit CREATE PLUS
  • Machine ADF 530-16/4 WWK
  • Gauge E 7.2
  • Knitting time 47 min.
  • Knitting speed 0,8 m/sec.

2x PES 167F48x2
7x PA 78F46x4
1x PA 78F46x4

ADF 530-16-4 ki WWK

Be part of innovation
  • Uniqueness - no competition known
  • Maximum flexibility for all of your patterns! 
  • Create unique optics! new pattern possibilities!
  • Get functional areas in the right position!
  • Use many individual yarns in 

New yarn carrier - Warp yarn carrier:

  • 3 dimensional movement
  • Can handle up to 14 different yarns in one unit
  • Max 4 warp yarn carriers per machine (2 warp-rails)
  • The design of the yarn carrier-tip is Flexible (for specific applications)



  • New modul to guide the threads
  • New cams: the needles can hold-on in a upstanding position
  • Weave-in


Improved central lubrication
In order to ensure a reliable maintenance of your machines and therefore always to work reliable, the machine is equipped with an improved central lubrication.

Oil drain container
The oil is centrally collected without the need of additional vacuum cleaners or rags. The collected oil can be reused. Requirement: Filter device
Consequently, it will be more environmentally friendly.

Ergonomic solutions to simplify your knitter's daily work
Mirror and lighting for the belt take-down and fabrics in the storage area

Interacts optimally with all knitelligence® components; Network possibility

Innovation packages
Free software extensions for our current machines
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Gauge:   E7.2
6 rails (2 warp, 4 ADF)
16 ADF yarn carriers
4 warp yarn carriers (1 per track)
STOLL-Multiflex® take-down
Warp yarn carrier tips with max. 1 inch