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STOLL Software Highlights


For ambitious knitters who want to use the full power of the CREATE family

Is the new dimension in flat knitting machinery programming. Combining a fully featured advanced programming system with an easy to learn user interface will greatly enhance your knitting capabilities. 

Realistic fabric view, intelligent tools and open interfaces embed CREATE PLUS perfectly into the upcoming digital workflows. The integration of a grading system, a full set of highly customizable modules and the ability to process the entire knitting order in few steps will dramatically reduce your time to market.

The new member of the CREATE family - CREATE LITE

For knitting technicians who only want to create classic fashion and technical patterns efficiently and sustainably.

With an easy to learn user interface, a realistic fabric view, intelligent tools, a full set of highly customizable modules, the CREATE LITE will give you the possibility to create patterns in a few steps reducing dramatically the pattern creation time.




For the creation of virtual knit patterns

A design software that digitizes the entire knitwear design and development process - made to facilitate the life of designer's! With CREATE DESIGN, you can digitize your entire process, from the first idea to the finished product design, and respond quickly to changing market trends.

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PPS - Production Planning System

A central production planning and machine management system for the flat knitting industry which enables the customer to control, to monitor, to plan and optimize its production and thus to increase its competitiveness.

From the ERP through the CREATE PLUS and all variants of the OKC and EKC flat knitting machines until subsequent processes - PPS links the entire knitting production chain and consequently increases the overall efficiency.

The central platform informs customers online and in real time about important events in their production which enables quick reaction times to deviations.

Your production is where you are

During the exhibition it was presented a showcase of an App which could be accessed from everywhere.

It demonstrates in an uncomplicated way how bottlenecks can be found quickly in day-to-day business so that you can react to them promptly and keepping high productivity."