Intelligent knitting

The centerpiece of STOLLs new knitelligence® machine generation is the interconnection of individual intelligent machines. This is achieved by coordinating the communication between software and hardware. Therefore, STOLL combines new hardware features with its in-house networking solution knitelligence® to face occurring requirements of the market.

Multi Touch Display

The all-new Multi Touch Panel of STOLLs new knitelligence® machine generation enables users to work directly at the machine and, therefore, more efficiently.

This is achieved by enabling the user to utilize the new gesture controls. Thus, creating faster response times, shorter production cycles and an all-in-all optimized production chain.


knitelligence® assembles all of STOLLs software in one package. Users have access to programs for example to M1plus®, APM, GKS or PPS. Thus, the entire flat knitting production chain is covered by featuring a fast picture-to-knitting program, individualized grading and patterning, and optimized production managing.

The full effect of this all-in-one software solution unfolds around the Remote Desktop feature. It allows the user to make changes within the production directly at the machine. This decreases reaction times and improves flexibility.

Especially in combination with STOLLs Production Planning System (PPS) the Remote Desktop feature offers various benefits like error reduction and time saving.


STOLLs new knitelligence® machine generation is build for the enhancement of your production chain.

  • consistent and optimized workflow
  • increase in productivity
  • faster response times and adherence of schedules
  • new production chain empowers employees to work more flexible 
  • improvement of the plant efficiency by real-time transparency
  • cost reduction through an overall optimization of the production

Further Highlights

STOLL-knitrobotic® Kit

The knitrobotic-kit is a functional extension of the new flat knitting machine generation. The kit expands the machines by the addition of automated robotic functions. Therefore, manual interventions before, during and after the knitting process are replaced and not longer necessary.


Yarn Feeding

It is possible to connect 4 feed wheels without a transformer. Therefore, a company doesn't have to purchase an expensive transformer to be able to use up to 4 wheels.




Via the connection through a CanOpen interface, bidirectional communication and data transfer between the individual electronic feed wheels and the machine are enabled.




Furthermore, all ADF models don't need additional lateral covers to use ASCON® and friction feed wheels because they have ASCON® from above.


PPS: Extended Knit Report

The Extended Knit Report (EKR is standard in STOLL machines) within PPS helps with the acquisitions and evaluation of machine and production data. Furthermore, EKR contains data management with SNS, the STOLL Nameserver — a central storage system of specific information from the entire machine park.


Hence, EKR allows for an improved infrastructure management via central configuration, administration and remote access.


Remote Desktop

The new Remote Desktop feature allows employees to encounter tasks more flexible thanks to the integration of knitelligence®.






M1plus®: Use the intuitive touch display to remote desktop control other devices like your computer. Make changes in M1plus® directly at the machine and save time and gain flexibility. Setup changes can immediately be saved in the mdv-file.








PPS: All tasks you would normaly do at a PPS workstation can also be done at the machine itself, e.g. change a order to another machine, view which machine is knitting the same order and so on. This is time saving as there is no need to walk to a PPS workstation.


Access for everyone

The new knitelligence® machine generation will find its way into STOLLs Fully Fashion product range as well as Knit & Wear and TT.


In addition, older ADF models can be integrated into the knitelligence® system through an upgrade. The ADF 530-16 models can be upgraded to 24 yarn carriers for coarse gauges or 32 yarn carriers for fine gauges.


Individual registration via RFID

The new machine generation enables users to log in via a RFID chip. Using a RFID reader eliminates the inconvenient task of typing in the own identification.


Barcode scanner

The build in barcode and QR-code scanner helps to minimize errors during the production process:

  • scan your order number
  • data input into ticket fields
  • customized user events
  • SOP / maintenance call

Data import and export

Easily import and export data to transfer machine settings to all your machines for error minimization and fast machine configuration. For example basic machine settings to improve operations like carriage speed settings, suction device settings, differnet cleaning selections or system settings. 



To use devore techniques, STOLLs knitelligence® machine generation needs just one system; the Devore-kit. This improves the flexibility and productivity because there is no need for a second system.


Further information

If you are interested in additional information on our new knitelligence® machine generation and how it can improve your production chain, please contact us.