CMS 730 ki T knit&wear



Working width:

72" / 183 cm

Gauge range:

E6.2; E7.2

Knitting Systems:


Product description

The CMS 730 ki T knit&wear is equipped with additional beds. It offers three systems, a working width of 72"/183 cm and is available in the gauges E 6.2 and E 7.2. With this machine plain complete articles can be produced with all needles in the gauges E12 and E14. And STOLL-multi gauges® areas can also be knitted-in during the process. This enables an interesting interplay of fine areas knitted with all needles and coarser areas knitted only with every second needle. Naturally, coarser complete articles in the gauges E7 and E8 can also be realized with the 1x1 technique.



Technical Details

Knitting Patterns




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