CMS 830 ki multi gauge



Working width:

84" / 213 cm

Gauge range:

E5 - E18 | E2,5.2 - 8.2

Knitting Systems:


Product description

With a gauge range from E5 - E18 | E2,5.2 - 8.2, a working width of 84"/213 cm and three systems, the CMS 830 ki multi gauge knits complex patterns quickly and highly productively. It enables an optimal combination of "knit/transfer/knit" with structured, distributive and racking patterns. That makes it ideal for high-level, flexible production, even when knitting intarsia patterns. Extremely short setup and adjustment times. An outstanding benefit when binding-off is the 4" racking as "standard". With its 84’’ working width it is also possible to knit wider knits. And it can be converted to the CMS 830 ki.




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