Tested machines with certificate.

We are not only one of the worldwide leading manufacturers of flat knitting machines and pattern software, but also one of the worldwide largest seller and buyer of second hand machines. So if you want the same high quality as in a new machine, but at a more affordable price, then a reconditioned machine from STOLL is just the solution you have been looking for. We offer the biggest range of reconditioned machines for knitters – a wide selection of great second-hand machines to fit any budget. The STOLL seal of quality is your guarantee: twelve months warranty on all factory reconditioned second-hand STOLL-CMS machines.

As one of the world's biggest trader of second-hand flat knitting machines, we have access to a large pool of used machines to suit your needs. If required, we will even carry out a gauge conversion on your reconditioned CMS machine. And of course we also buy second hand machines.