Every single piece of our new trend collection has a digital look and feel. Pixelized artworks are overlaid onto techy silhouettes. Natural fibres crossover with manmade fibres. Finishing methods like felting emphasize the craftsmanship behind the creation process.

Digital tools enrich traditional design techniques. We call it digital craftsmanship.

The collection was partly designed and developed using new digital tools like STOLL–artwork® and STOLL–autocreate®. STOLL–artwork® is a brand new design tool that adds knitwear–specific features to adobe® photoshop®. Features like automatic control tools and stitch distortion simulation (to name a few) make creating artworks substantially easier for the knitwear designer.

Some of the artworks were then transferred to STOLL–autocreate® for more processing. Once the parameters of STOLL–autocreate® have been set up, the process flow from design output to knitting machines makes manual programming redundant – making it the perfect platform for businesses where mass customization plays a role.
Beyond the digital content of this collection, you will find garments with visually exciting designs and futuristic functions, carried out using our latest machine features. Prepare to be inspired.