On the morning of September 9, 2019, the unveiling ceremony of the STOLL Knitting Training Center, sponsored by STOLL & SIFEC·SANDA, was held at the Shanghai International Fashion Education Center. Concurrently, a seminar on ‘knitting design and knitting trends from 2020 to 2021’ was held in the SIFEC classroom.

Many guests were invited to the STOLL Knitting Training Center. Opening speeches commenced during the introduction of the ceremony.

After the unveiling, all guests visited the STOLL Knitting Training Center and the Hand Knitting Training Room.

STOLL Knitting Training Center is an educational platform, jointly built by Shanghai International Fashion Education Center (SIFEC), STOLL/CHEMTAX and Shanghai SANDA University (SANDA). The training center is dedicated to train knitting design talents of ‘art + technology.’ It also explores the educational mode of combining production, learning and research. The Knitting Training Center is not only the cooperation platform, but also the service platform for providing knitting design talents with further education and product development in Shanghai and the Yangtze River Delta Region.

In the future, STOLL Knitting Training Center will provide training to teachers, designers and technicians from the knitting industry with a goal of knitting knowledge transfer.

About Shanghai International Fashion Education Center (SIFEC)

With the industrial background of ORIENT INTERNATIONAL GROUP (SHANGTEX GROUP), SIFEC is one of the few fashion education institutions with a complete fashion industry chain background. It has a powerful team constituted of instructing experts and teachers in textile and clothing industry and offers a brand-new development model for the perfect combination of novel fashion concepts and experience education. To develop fashion special training with its own feature, scale and culture it keeps close and long-term cooperation with ISTITUTO MARANGONI, Bunka Fashion College, EAC PARSONS, ISAL and other world-famous fashion education institutions. The aim is to cultivate elites for fashion industry through resource sharing. In order to cultivate and provide the society with college graduates, SIFEC and SANDA University joined university-enterprise cooperation in 2009 - setting up a secondary school Fashion College to develop academic education pertaining to Apparel and Accessories (specialty) which includes knitting fashion design. Also, in 2019, SIFEC established knitting training room (first-stage) to support professional knitting-oriented teaching.

About SANDA University

SANDA University is a full-time private comprehensive university providing undergraduate courses in China with the official ratification of Ministry of Education. It was listed as Shanghai Model Private University Candidate by Shanghai Education Commission, and also was one of the first members of China Association of Universities (Colleges) of Applied Sciences and one of the first members of National

Association of Non-profit Private Universities and Colleges. The university has received numerous of awards.