k.innovation CREATE PLUS – Handling & Programming for switchers


+++In this training only the innovations / changes compared to the M1plus® are trained. The contents of the M1plus® training courses are assumed.+++

In this training course, the participant learns how to work with the CREATE PLUS. The main focus of the training is on the structure, mode of operation of the CREATE PLUS and the creation of patterns with knitting elements. Different knitting techniques - structure, jacquard, intarsia, Stoll - multi gauge® and 1x1 - technique - are conveyed to the user based on the extensive application possibilities of the CREATE PLUS. Further options for creating fully fashion patterns and working with the various types of knitting elements that form the basis of the CREATE PLUS complete the content.

World-wide online courses available:

CREATE PLUS – Handling & Programming for switchers

Please contact training@stoll.com for information about trainings and registration.

US online courses available in English:
- January 30th - Feburary 10th; 2023
- May 8th - 19th; 2023
- October 9th - 20th, 2023
Please contact info.us@stoll.com for further information and registration.


Course program:

  • Introduction to the CREATE PLUS
    - CREATE PLUS – philosophy
    - Entry into CREATE PLUS
  • Explanation of the data structure of the CREATE PLUS
  • Explanation of the graphical user interface of the CREATE PLUS
    - Quick access bar
    - Ribbon
    - Various tool windows
    - Document window
    - Status bar
  • Pattern creation and editing in the symbol view
  • Import of M1plus® patterns into CREATE PLUS
  • Working with knitting elements from the database (Knit Explorer)
  • Creation / elaboration of structure, jacquard, intarsia, stoll - multi gauge® and 1x1 - technique with existing knitting elements
  • Working with pattern parameters, e.g. NP, MSEC, WM, etc. and repeat cycles
  • Working with yarn carriers
    - Color Parameters
    - Yarn carriers
  • PTS – Flexible Stitch
  • Multisystem Knitting
  • Plating
  • Basics for Fully Fashion patterns as a lined shape
  • Further possibilities when working with the lined shape
    - Fair Isle / Doubling
    - Multi-step Widening
    - Manually created shape
    - Working with areas, e.g. pockets
  • Use of narrowing modules or bindoff modules
  • Explanation of different types of knitting elements
    - Modules with Connecting points
    - Color Arrangement
    - Module Arrangement
    - Narrowing – Modules
    - Bindoff – Modules
    - Technique – Modules
  • Working with the different types of Knitting elements


  • Knowledge of the "Windows" operating system
  • Knowledge of knitting and experience in pattern analysis

Previous participation in the training:

  • Knitting Basics 1
  • CMS – Handling & Knitting techniques
  • M1plus® -Handling & Programming
  • M1plus® -Fully Fashion & Special

Duration: 9 days

Course fee:  200.- € (without tax)

Training times (MEZ):

Mornings from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m.

Afternoon from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. (except Friday)


Software requirements for participation:

  • Latest CREATE PLUS software version
  • Microsoft Teams

Hardware requirements for participation:

You need 1 PC

  • with installed CREATE PLUS Version
  • with installed Microsoft Teams
  • with camera, microphone and speaker for communication


  • Registration via training@stoll.com with the following information
    - Surname, first name
    - Customer number
  • Training fee 200.- € per training - payment before the start of the training by invoice
  • By registering and confirming your participation, you automatically agree to the legal provisions.

You will receive all further information after registration.

+++ Please note that all rights to online training generally belong to KARL MAYER STOLL Textilmaschinenfabrik GmbH. Recordings of the trainings are not permitted. +++