Innovation for your creative process

Enter a new world of pattern creation with simplified development and accelerated programming. CREATE DESIGN, the new design software for flat-knitted goods, represents another major step towards the digitisation of the whole knitwear design and development process.

STOLL and KM.ON – two successful brands of the KARL MAYER Group – combine their expertise and creativity to maximise benefits for the customer. STOLL is a leader in flat knitting technology, providing solutions with a wealth of process expertise. STOLL guarantees perfect knitting solutions and customer support. KMON is a specialist in innovative software products, digital solutions and services for the textile industry.

CREATE DESIGN is part of KM.ON’s solutions category k.innovation, which focuses on speeding up KM.ON’s design-to-market workflow.


Shape creation and grading

The integrated shape and grading tool assists you in the creation and customisation of knitwear shapes.

  • Shape library with templates for various types of products and knitting pre-sets
  • Customisation of measurements to fit your product requirements
  • Easy grading for additional sizes
  • Option to import DXF shapes from other software or export yours for external use

Digital Yarn Creation

With the digital yarn creation you can try different types and colours of yarns without the need of scanning the.

  • Yarn library with standard and effect yarns that will be constantly expanded
  • Creation of own yarns based on optical parameters
  • Easy adjustments of yarn properties and optic

Technical Checks

Access technical checks and reduce the iteration cycle with your supplier for artwork approval.

  • Float Jacquard Check – to check the maximum length of 1 inch for the floats
  • Stoll-ikat Plating Check – to check the minimum 2 inch distance between colour fields in one row

Intarsia Check – to check the number of yarn carriers used in the design

Jacquard Generator

Convert your artworks in various jacquard with the jacquard generator.

  • Integrated library with different jacquard types
  • Easy generation of jacquard patterns
  • Option to export front and back side of the jacquard

Export for 3D

Shapes and images from CREATE DESIGN can be exported for use in simulation in any 3D software:

  • DXF vector shapes can be sewn together to create a virtual garment
  • Stitch simulations images with stitch distortion and digital yarns
  • Texture maps for realistic knitwear simulation, e.g. alpha map, normal map and displacement map

Link to production

CREATE DESIGN is also linked to production and accelerates the design-to-market process.

  • Design programs can be used as a basis for the machine program
  • Knitting technicians prove the technical parameters in the design program before starting the production


Much more than a design software

The digitalised knitwear development with CREATE DESIGN offers benefits for various stakeholders:


  • Digital design development saves on resources and costs
  • Cost control during the design process
  • Option to include producers in the digital development process
  • More sustainable work as a consequence of fewer or no physical swatches


  • Instant visual feedback while designing new stitches and shapes or generating colourways
  • Less dependence on producers in the design development process


  • Design output contains technical information and can be used as basis for programming
  • Elements from existing STOLL-M1plus® programs can be used for new designs


  • Simple knitting know-how transfer
  • Easy creation and presentation of different knitting techniques
  • Open source learning platform


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