Grading for Knitting System (GKS)

Quick – easy – effective

With the M1plus® STOLL already boasts a well-proven system for creating knitting designs and knitting patterns. Now, with the new GKS, STOLL presents a software for creating and grading shapes. Quick, easy and effective, the GKS integrates fully dimensioned and functioning shape-templates, for all typical pattern variants. Using these as basis, a first prototype can be created quickly and afterwards changed as much as desired. This and the fact that all shape parts of the entire garment are displayed and adjusted at the same time, guarantees right from the beginning that the linking edges of all shape parts in all sizes fit perfectly together.


Intuitive – modern – user-friendly

Much of the information necessary for pattern generation, such as the type of start, narrowing specifications and more, is already integrated in the shape and can be defined or changed for all sizes at once. This is unique to the GKS from STOLL. Inserting color or stripes with structures is done directly in the shape. The important task of realizing sizesets can be carried out swiftly and simply – grading then takes place just at the push of a button.


Versatile shape creations

Shape creation via size measurement tables corresponds to common procedures and is therefore easy to learn. All single shapes in use are also displayed graphically and the changes on measurements can be consequently visualized at once.


Download Brochure

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