Welcome to the new world of k.innovation CREATE PLUS powered by STOLL!

k.innovation CREATE PLUS is the new dimension in flat knitting machinery programming. Combining a fully featured advanced programming system with an easy to learn user interface will greatly enhance your knitting capabilities. Realistic fabric view, intelligent tools and open interfaces embed CREATE PLUS perfectly into the upcoming digital workflows. The integration of a grading system, a full set of highly customizable modules and the ability to process the entire knitting order in few steps will significantly reduce your time to market.

CREATE PLUS is offered in combination with M1pus.


Developed to enhance programmer’s abilities

  • Easy-to-learn user interface
  • Easy to use
  • Reduces time to market
    -Faster creation of patterns with sizes (up to 95% time saving)
    -Faster creation of patterns with graphics (up to 85% time saving)
    -Faster making changes to all sizes and/or patterns within one project
     (up to 80% time saving)
  • Integrated shape and grading tool
  • Can be perfectly integrated into the upcoming digital workflows
  • Includes k.innovation CREATE DESIGN
  • Quick product development times and cost saving due to the digitalization of the whole knitwear design and development process
  • Digital Yarn
  • Digital Yarn Creation
  • Export for 3D

CREATE PLUS is offered in combination with M1plus giving customers the flexibility to:

  • edit existing own programs, or programs from Stoll-Patternshop in the M1plus
  • convert own M1plus-programs, or M1plus-programs from Stoll-Patternshop to CREATE PLUS