Corona obliges us to redefine our workflow. We all do home office, children are taught from home. ­­We are part of a digital world.

What about your production? Use this time to digitize your production, to increase your productivity and emerge from crisis stronger than before!

  • PPS helps to reduce personal contacts via remote access to all machines
  • The Automatic Production Modus (APM) can reduce manpower to a minimum
  • Electronic ticketing and order management streamline information and avoid miscommunication
  • Automatic calculation of yarn consumption and production capacity
  • The PPS Server Suite software is available for customers to download under STOLL Customer-Net. That includes documentations and video tutorials for the self-explaining installation.

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Improve your production process

STOLL PPS is a production planning tool which enables the customer to control, plan and optimize its production. It is suitable for agile and innovative companies. Response times and on-time delivery are improved and lead times are reduced which is vital in nowadays fast-changing markets. It is a web-based solution with a modern and user-friendly interface which can be operated from any browser, including mobile devices such as tablets or smartphones - the STOLL PPS is available anywhere, anytime.



  • It is a central platform for production data and production processes
  • The powerful machine-optimized planning enables a quick disposition and an efficient machine occupancy
  • The operation calendar allows a realistic planning and evaluation of your production capacity
  • You can check in real-time how many pieces are produced and if you are in time with production
  • A rapid response to production problems is possible due to the high integration of knitting machines and terminal devices (cell phone, tablets)
  • The STOLL-PPS can integrate existing ERP systems (Enterprise Resource Planning)
  • Use the auto production mode to increase productivity and enable your resources for other work
  • By optimizing your production, it becomes more sustainable. That's not cost saving, but is becoming increasingly important for environmental reasons
  • Digitalization starts in the head and is a process that takes some time, but…
  • Companies that recognize the benefits, stand out from the competition and grow faster. They develop a technological advantage
  • We know that many of you feel the need to participate in this megatrend
  • STOLL advises and supports you with the knitelligence® tool chain in digitizing your production, which like the internet or electro mobility, will change everything
  • Become stress-free faster and more efficient by using PPS. Even the free components offer you a huge advantage. Get the glue of what is going on in your production in real-time
  • Open up new business models with the possibility of individual production
  • Diversify your business on several mainstay
  • Reduce your inventory, produce only demand at acceptable prices, and avoid having to participate in final sales

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