Production Planning System (PPS)

Improve your production process

STOLL-PPS is a production planning tool which enables the customer to control, plan and optimize its production. It is suitable for agile and innovative companies. Response times and on-time delivery are improved and lead times are reduced which is vital in nowadays fast-changing markets. It is a web-based solution with a modern and user-friendly interface which can be operated from any browser, including mobile devices such as tablets or smartphones - the STOLL-PPS is available anywhere, anytime.


Plan – schedule – control

It is a central platform for production data and production processes. The machine-optimized planning enables a quick disposition and an efficient machine occupancy. All production data is available and can be statistically analyzed for further optimization. A rapid response to production problems is possible due to the high integration of knitting machines and terminal devices (cell phone, tablets). The STOLL-PPS can integrate existing ERP systems (Enterprise Resource Planning).


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