Welcome to the new world of k.innovation CREATE LITE powered by STOLL!

For knitting technicians who want to create classic fashion and technical patterns efficiently and sustainably.

  • For pattern programmers
  • For shape developers using Lined Shape only
  • Includes M1plus for CREATE upgraders


Developed to enhance programmer’s abilities

  • Easy-to-learn user interfaceEasy to use
  • Reduces time to market
    • Faster creation of patterns with sizes (up to 95% time saving)
    • Faster creation of patterns with graphics (up to 85% time saving)
    • Faster making changes to all sizes and/or patterns within one project (up to 80% time saving)
  • Faster knitting programs (up to 10% faster knitting compared with M1plus)
  • Can be perfectly integrated into the upcoming digital workflows

Quick pattern development times and cost saving due to the possibility of combination with  CREATE DESIGN which allowing the digitalization of the whole knitwear design and development process

CREATE LITE is offered in combination with M1plus giving customers the flexibility to easily convert existing programs, or programs from Stoll-Patternshop