Fully fashioned stole

Fully fashioned stole
Horizontally knitted on fringes
3-System transfer/knit/transfer full production without empty rows
3 yarn ends random-plating color effect
3 alternating colorways setup

  • Pattern no. 2310020
  • Patterning unit CREATE PLUS
  • Machine CMS 503 ki
  • Gauge E 3,5.2
  • Knitting time 22 min. 16 sec.
  • Knitting speed 1,0 m/sec.

Ends 3x
Yarn count Nm 30/2
Material composition 100% WV
Yarn name Cashwool
Supplier Zegna Baruffa

CMS 503 ki


More systems for higher productivity

  • 3 systems
  • 45” working width

High-quality and highly productive allrounder flat knitting machine for a wide range of applications with excellent price / performance ratio

Can-Open interface
Bidirectional communication and data transfer between high-end feed wheels and STOLL-machines centrally through machine program with high data transfer rate

Oil drain container
The oil is centrally collected without the need of additional vacuum cleaners or rags. The collected oil can be reused. Requirement: Filter device
Consequently, it will be more environmentally friendly.

Ergonomic solutions to simplify your knitter's daily work
Mirror and lighting for the belt take-down and fabrics in the storage area

Interacts optimally with all knitelligence® components; Network possibility

Innovation packages
Free software extensions for our current machines
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Gauge:   5" fine gauges (E10-20; E6.2-10.2) /   5,2” coarse gauges (2,5.2-5.2; E5-8)
Control generation:   knitelligence®
Working width:   45“ / 114 cm
Knit and transfer systems:   3 (front/rear)
Take-down system:   STOLL-Multiflex® auxiliary and comb
Supply voltage:   Single phase (AC 230V +/-10%)