ITMA 2023 Summary


- profitable,  flexible,  sustainable -

  • How to be profitable with increasing cost pressure?
  • How to manage the increasing pressure to be more sustainable?
  • How to react to market requirements fast and flexible?
  • How do I find new business opportunities (e.g. applications) with the existing cost pressure?
  • How can I keep my business running despite a skills shortage?

Many knit applications could be seen and touched in the booth

  • STOLL-knit and wear®
  • Accessoires
  • STOLL-weave-in®
  • STOLL-­applications®
  • Intarsia
  • STOLL-ikat plating®
  • inverse plating
  • multi gauges / cards
  • gauges E 20 – E 1,5.2
  • PTS
  • STOLL-devoré knit ®
  • STOLL-autocreate®

Have you ever imagined to produce such applications by a flat knitting machine?

STOLL machines make it possible!

Thank you to everyone who visited us at ITMA in Milan!

It is a pleasure to be able to show live our solutions in flat knitting and all our technological innovations!

Looking forward to see you soon!


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