Intellectual Property Protection for Knitting Programs

Why protect knit programs?

A knitting program represents a significant economic value for the issuer, since it contains specific company know how about applications, collections, fashion trends, etc.

Giving away unprotected knitting programs exposes the issuer to the following kinds of plagiarism threats:

  •  unauthorized people may reproduce the fabric as a 1:1 copy on any similar STOLL knitting machine
  •  unauthorized people may steal the know how by reading the program code

By protecting knitting programs with STOLL’s intellectual property protection tools, these threats can be avoided substantially.

Benefits of protecting knitting programs

As a knitting program issuer, STOLL’s intellectual property protection enables you:

  •  to strictly tie knitting programs do explicitly named target machines and to an explicitly specified production period.
  •  to trust and to control your knitting sub-contractors without the need of additional surveillance measures.
  •  to confidently externalize fabric production and avoid legal conflicts.

As a machine owner, having intellectual property protection enabled STOLL machines:

  •  certifies you to be a potential production partner for high value brands that are sensitive to plagiarism.
  •  releases you from additional surveillance measures to avoid plagiarism through your employees.
  •  prevents you from legal conflicts with your partner


Knitting program issuer:
 • Windows 7 or higher is required for the installation of the SINTRAL Crypto Tool.
 • The Sintral Crypto Tool is available in German, English, Italian, Chinese.
 • The Sintral Crypto Tool is free of charge.

Machine owner:
 • The “Sintral crypto EVP, 1 Jahr” is required on each machine that shall be able to handle protected knitting programs.
 • The “Sintral crypto EVP, 1 Jahr” is only available for the machine generation OKC6 (V_OKC_006.003.00x_STOLL or higher) and EKC (V_EKC_001.000.000_STOLL or higher).

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