In this training course the participants learn to work with the CMS ADF-. Machine-specific service applications as well as the machine-specific programming at the CREATE PLUS are part of the 1 - week training.
Practical exercises at the CMS ADF and the CREATE PLUS consolidate the learnt skills.


Course programme:
• Structure and function of the machine CMS ADF
• Operation and handling of CMS ADF
  - Explanation of the control surface
  - Working with the autarkic yarn carriers
• Service
  - Lubricating
  - Removing carriage parts
  - Checking the alignment of the light curtain
• Machine-specific programming at the CREATE PLUS
  - Intarsia
  - Intarsia plated
  - Inverse Plating
  - Selective Plating
  - Inlay thread
  - Closing stitch – autarkic movement of the yarn carrier
• Practical exercises on the CREATE PLUS and CMS ADF

Qualifications for participation:
Previous participation in the course:
 • Knitting Basics 1
 • CMS – Handling & Knitting technique
 • CREATE PLUS – Handling & Pattern Designing for Switchers - or -  CREATE PLUS – Handling & Pattern Designing for Beginners

Course duration: 5 days

Course rate: 600.- € - excluding VAT

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