CMS - handling & knitting technique

This course teaches the fundamental user knowledge for the CMS (EKC). The participants will learn how to deal with the CMS based on different pattern techniques and how to use the user interface. The course covers a wide spectrum from operation and maintenance of the CMS through to the everyday service tasks. The acquired knowledge will be deepened through exercises.


Course program:

• Structure and function of CMS machines
• Setting up, operation, and handling of CMS (EKC)
   - Working with / without comb
   - Sequence
• Set up and knit different knitting techniques with the corresponding special accessories on the machine
   - Structures
   - Structure in 1x1-Technique
   - PTS – Power Tension Settings (different tensions in a technical row)
   - Fully Fashion
   - Different jacquards
   - Intarsia knitting technique with Intarsia yarn carrier type2
   - Multi Gauge technique
   - Split technique
   - Plating
      - Plating
      - Inverse plating (ADF)
      - Stoll-ikat plating (ADF)
      - Selective plating (ADF)
   - Weave-in technique (ADF W)
   - Gore-Technique
   - Applications
• Practical exercises on the machine
• Machine maintenance
• Everyday service tasks
• Software installation

Knitting knowledges or previous participation in the trainings
• Knitting Basics 1

Duration: 10 days

Course rate: 1200.- € - excluding VAT

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