Basics of knitting technique - manual knitting

This basic course teaches the most important basics of knitting techniques which are possible on a hand flat knitting machine. The pattern analysis is an essential component of this training. The analysed patterns are knitted on STOLL hand knitting machines.


Course program:
• Structure and functions of a manual flat knitting machine
• Pattern analysis, and pattern structure of basic knitted modes
  - Tubular / half Milano
  - Double jersey
  - Half cardigan / double half cardigan
  - Full cardigan / Double full cardigan
  - Knop
  - Colorful pattern
  - Tuck pattern
  - Half cardigan racking
  - Full cardigan racking
  - Racked pattern
• Pattern analysis of different knitting techniques
  - Combinations of basic structures
  - Racking pattern
  - Pattern with drop needle
  - Pattern combinations out of basic structures, racking, and drop needle
  - Use of draw thread:
  - Open work
  - Cast-off technique
  - Cable
  - Fully Fashion
  - Knitting of the elaborated patterns on flat hand knitting machines

Requirements: none

Course duration: 10 days

Course rate: 1200.- € - excluding VAT

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