Introducing STOLL's latest trend collection, Color in Knitting. The collection treasures innovative products, including the introduction of the new flat knitting gauge E20, which creates knitwear finer than ever. In addition, workflow styles have been incorporated, showcasing how digital software tools can speed up the design process.

The collection features a range of seamless products that illustrate the sustainable and resourceful capabilities of STOLL- knit and wear® technology. Drawing inspiration from historical swatches of the archive, STOLL has interpreted stitch structures in a modern and contemporary way, resulting in unique and stunning designs.

The STOLL trend collection Color in Knitting showcases the exciting possibilities of innovative knitting technology. We invite you to join us in taking a closer look at this collection.


STOLL´s new Trend Collection embodies what it means to create wonderful knits. In today’s world it can often feel like every aspect of one’s life is monitored, measured and evaluated, which is why we need the wonderful in our lives more than ever before. Moments of true wonder may feel rare but they don’t have to be. When the right technology compliments a creative vision, wonderful things can happen with freedom and fluidity. STOLL´s technology empowers the creatively curious to seamlessly knit life into their ideas. Whether it’s for our homes, ourselves, our children or simply our own wellbeing, everything's better when it’s wonderful. Welcome to the terra incognita provided by STOLL.



FASTER: From(CONCEPT)–To(STORE)” is driven by the motto of STOLL`s Fashion & Technology department: “Design to Inspire”.

Discover how to easily redesign STOLL samples from to create completely new pieces.

Take advantage of the faster, easier design and development process.


Overcoming the resistance of material represents the biggest obstacle in the creation and production of textiles. The latest STOLL collection reflects on this challenge, highlighting how versatile STOLL machines handle complicated materials of all kinds.


Reutlingen, our company headquarters, has some of the most innovative and influential knitting professionals in the entire industry. We are here to consult with you on design solutions, applied knitting technology, yarn characteristics & sourcing, finishing, and more!


Skateboarding started off as a subculture, shaped by the style and music of the streets. Today, skate culture is back in vogue – not just on the streets, but on the catwalks of the high fashion world. Our latest Stoll Fashion & Technology “Skateboarding” collection is inspired by skate culture too, from graffiti-style street art to urban skate parks. 

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