Reutlingen, our company headquarters, has some of the most innovative and influential knitting professionals in the entire industry. We are here to consult with you on design solutions, applied knitting technology, yarn characteristics & sourcing, finishing, and more!

TexLab Reutlingen

Welcome to Tex Lab Services, your go-to destination for flat knitting. Our comprehensive offerings include design support and creative consultancy to bring your visions to life, digital design support and virtual sampling for efficient prototyping, technical consultancy to navigate knitting intricacies, high-quality sampling for apparel that reflects precision, and educational resources and training programs to keep you at the forefront of the industry. At Tex Lab, we are dedicated to transforming your flat knitting endeavors into seamless success stories through innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction.


In our showroom, you will find our Trend Collections on display for which you can learn about the latest trends in knitwear design and machine building.

Our archive samples reflect the long and sustainable history of Stoll machine engineering and how this has manifested in pattern innovations – for the past 145+ years! The archive is a valuable and inspiring resource for all kinds of applications.


The book Color in Knitting: By Designers, for Designers delves into the methods of constructing multicolor knits using knitting structures, techniques, and technologies. The book not only showcases the beauty of multicolor knitwear but also provides a solid foundation for readers to further explore and manipulate these methods for their own design work. The book begins with a color journey of fascinating patterns, designed and implemented by Stoll from both past decades and recent collections, which illustrate the different color effects of multicolor knitting. In the second part of the book, the authors provide insight into the specific structures and techniques used to create these patterns; the section also includes stitch diagrams written using basic knitting symbols to further elucidate the construction of a knit.


Welcome to the Patternshop of STOLL - a dedicated platform designed to provide our esteemed customers and registered users with a comprehensive array of various knitted product samples, pattern programming templates, yarn information, and a database showcasing the potential of flat knitting technology on STOLL knitting machines.

STOLL´s Patternshop encompasses an extensive collection of pattern programs, including collection samples of the department Fashion & Technology, exhibition patterns, and various other pattern developments from different departments.

As a renowned name in the textile industry, STOLL takes great pride in curating this repository of creative knitting possibilities.

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