Trained for performance

The optimal combination of functionality and aesthetics guides the sportswear and leisure trends of today, which is implemented by STOLL modern flat knitting technology.

Breathability, shaping to form, functional zones, soft to touch structures and effective material selection ensure high performance and comfort.

Key feature of sportswear and leisurewear industry is the optimal combination of functionality and product aesthetics. Knitwear used for sports items needs to fulfil a multitude of high demands: suitable yarns, physiological wearing properties, special characteristics in construction like compression and stretch features or electrical conductivity in materials that demand computing characteristics.
High productivity and performance can be achieved through STOLL knitting techniques such as STOLL plating, intarsia, Flex Ply or Weave-in.  These techniques are especially effective in combination with a range of yarns from elastic, conductive, rigid, or coated.

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