The new Retrofit package which enable new material properties and new patterning possibilities to be realized: high stability, high density of loops, smoother jacquard contours, lace like appearance, soft touch, colour plating, two sided plush construction, patterned transparency, breathability, controllable compression ereas just a few examples.

Products made using the technology – STOLL knit-lace

Desired qualities: breathability, seamless, controllable compression and body contour

Products made using the technology – STOLL knit-lace

Desired qualities: softness and patterned transparency

Products made using the technology – STOLL knit-lace

Desired qualities: breathability, seamless, controllable compression, body contour

Achieved properties: soft touch on the side containing float, possibility of a lace like appearance

Achieved properties: high stability, high density of loops, smoother jacquard contours

Authentic Plush - Achieved properties: soft touch, possibility of colour plating, two sided plush construction possible

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