Welcome to the new world of CREATE PLUS powered by STOLL and KM.ON!

2 Brands – 1 Purpose

STOLL and KM.ON – two successful brands of the KARL MAYER GROUP – combine their expertise and creativity to maximise benefits for the customer. 

What is...

...CREATE PLUS is the new dimension in flat knitting machinery programming. Combining a fully featured advanced programming system with an easy to learn user interface will greatly enhance your knitting capabilities. Realistic fabric view, intelligent tools and open interfaces embed CREATE PLUS perfectly into the upcoming digital workflows. The integration of a grading system, a full set of highly customizable modules and the ability to process the entire knitting order in few steps will significantly reduce your time to market.

CREATE PLUS is offered in combination with M1pus.


Being a powerful and easy to use software, with CREATE PLUS you can reduce the time to market in the following ways:

  •  Faster creation of patterns with sizes (up to 95% time saving)

  •  Faster creation of patterns with graphics (up to 85% time saving)
  •  Faster changes to all sizes and/or patterns within one project (up to 80% time saving)

CREATE PLUS is an all-in-one software solution including: shape development and grading (formerly GKS), creation of knitting programs, as well as an integrated CREATE DESIGN interface. With the possibility to use and create digital yarns and export data for the use in external 3D software, CREATE DESIGN supports quicker product development and allows you to save on time and costs through the digitalization of the whole design and development process.

Your M1Plus library is not lost! In combination with M1Plus, CREATE PLUS gives you the flexibility to convert or edit existing M1Plus Programs.

Project management

In CREATE PLUS you can have many patterns and shapes within one project and process them at once in a batch to speed up your program setup. Therefore, there is no more laborious individual modifications on each garment piece or size. All parameters, modules and settings are valid for all patterns in the project. Changes on different parts and sizes of a garment will be done at once and simultaneously by one click. The same is valid for the technical processing, Sintral and machine program generation.

Authentic knitting-view

 + Parallel fabric-view for permanent control

 + The fabric-view:

      - will be changed simultaneously.

      - is automatically updated

      - is also as preview available

Simply stay on top of things

In CREATE PLUS you have the option to work in one or several views at the same time. Besides the Basic Symbol View, you can simultaneously use the Expanded Symbol View, Fabric View, Graphical Shape View or the Line Shape View. The different views can be open next to each other at the same time. All changes in the pattern will be automatically updated in all views without the need to press a refresh button. The authentic Fabric View is updated and can display a simulation of your pattern in relation to the stitch density and with or without a realistic stitch distortion.

Create and change modules easily

The Module Explorer is easy to use and has a preview and search function. All modules can be edited easily and quickly and include the 1x1 technique. Also, all modules are imbedded in the pattern.

System Requirements

Minimum Requirements

Hard Disk
 - 120 GB SSD

 - 16 GB

Graphics Card
 - ≥ 1 GB RAM
 - DirectX 12 capable

1920 x 1080 FHD

Windows operating system
- Windows 11 (64bit)
   Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 included
- Windows 10 (64bit), version ≥ 1903

Smart Card Reader
PC/SC compliant
- USB device for reading the smart card.
  For example:
  CHERRY SmartTerminal ST-1144

- Integrated device for reading the smart card

Internet connection is recommended:
- For software update, What Is New? and Online Help + Training, Port 443
- In case of suspected manipulation of the system time, Port 80

Required for Simultaneous Fabric Preview and Very Large Projects

Hard Disk
- 120 GB SSD

32 GB

1920 x 1080 FHD
- 2 monitors

Graphics Card

- 4 GB RAM
  NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060
  NVIDIA Quadro P4000

Set discrete video as the default with computers that have integrated and discrete video cards.

Currently not recommended:
Intel GPU

13th Gen Intel® Core™ Desktop Processors do not support the Simultaneous Fabric Preview faultlessly.

Latest video driver provided by the hardware manufacturer

If the Citrix Indirect Display (IDD) driver is installed:
Disable the Citrix Indirect Display Adapter in the Windows Device Manager.

Absolutely necessary!
Microsoft® DirectX 12
- Feature Level ≥ 12_0


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